What Do Pond Fish Eat? (Natural & Supplemental Foods)

What Do Pond Fish Eat? (Natural & Supplemental Foods)

What’s Pond Fish Eat? Most pond fish are opportunistic feeders, and can eat a variety of creatures and plants if they are small enough to consume!
In a totally natural surroundings without supplemental meals, recognizable pond fish species nevertheless have a varied diet and also are adept at finding sources of meals.

Larger goldfish can also eat fish smaller than themselves, in addition to frogs. Wild koi (also called the frequent carp, the parasitic koi carp’s ancestor) will easily eat aquatic insects, flies, algae, and smaller fish, plants such as water lily and water lettuce, snails, along with frogs. As bottom feedersthey also navigate along the water body’s ground with their maxillary barbels for any live or decaying plant or animal matter which has settled one of the substrate.

Sturgeons from the wild can become enormous (approximately 100 lbs, and more than 500 lbs in the instance of the Atlantic sturgeon), and it requires a whole lot of food to accomplish and maintain such a hefty dimensions. Like koi, they are bottom dwellers and rely upon sensitive facial barbels to find all from clams and barnacles into snails, fish eggs, insect mammals, fish, fish that is dead, as well as sizeable fish like salmon and flounder. Make sure to keep track of all activity using pong lights.

What Would You Require Koi & Goldfish Apart from Pellets?

Quick response: Brine shrimp, soybean meal, bugs, bloodworms, silkworms.

Freeze-dried silkworm koi treats are extremely large protein content.
For extra nutrition, your pond fish could be fed with a multitude of additional supplemental foods. Goldfish and koi have the ability to digest equally polyunsaturated proteins and animal-based protiens, but shrimp, bloodworms and so on ought to be offered in tiny amounts and are often considered”treats”. Sturgeon demand around 40 percent of the daily diet to be composed of protein (obtained largely from animal sources, against koi and goldfish), and 30 percent and 35-40percent to goldfish and koi, respectively. Younger fish need more protein as they’re increasing, so provide an extra 5 percent protein in their opinion.

Pond fish like supplemental veggies & fruits, using special favorites being broccoli, broccoli, and spinach.

Fish also need carbohydrates to provide prompt energy, although not generally in fantastic source — koi and goldfish are more likely to suffer with liver degeneration, often unbeknownst to the pond keeper, as a consequence of being fed up too many carbs. To be on the safe side, maintain their diet composed of or under 10% carbs. Raspberries, wheat germ, shelled peas, watermelon, broccoli, broccoli, citrus fruits, and cheerios (in tiny quantities, as cereal grains are extremely starchy for fish) provides not just carbs, but other essential vitamins and fiber too. Carrots and shelled peas (either boiled lightly or soil up) may also help improve the colour of your fish, as may spinach and spirulina (a species of algae that is blue-green ).

Freeze-dried brine shrimp includes great quantity of vitamin E along with healthful fat content.

Lipids, or carbohydrates, are the primary fuel source of energy metabolism in fish cells, supplying up to double the total amount of energy as carbohydrates or protein, and contain fatty acids that are crucial. Fish using lipid-deficient diets are found to undergo stunted growth, deformities, and other troubles. Linseed oil is just one of the greatest kinds of petroleum for fish, since it offers an adequate amount of linolenic and linoleic acids, both essential fatty acids required by most common pond species (particularly koi). Aquatic oils (derived from salmon, mackerel, krill, fish etc.. ) are also an acceptable selection for pond fish. Essential fatty acids must write around 5-10 percent of goldfish and koi diets and 10-15percent for sturgeon.

Be mindful that organisms (aquatic and temperate equally!) Can create potentially fatal diseases if they consume too much fat. By way of instance, South Africa and Mozambique’s Nile crocodile inhabitants started to plummet abruptly beginning in 2008 due mostly to some deadly disease known as pansteatitis that’s most closely connected to elevated polyunsaturated fat ingestion and reduced vitamin E amounts (among other aspects, such as poor water quality). This disorder has also been shown to present itself fish, turtles, birds, as well as domestic cats and dogs for the very same factors.

How to Clean Rice Cookers

Rice cooker now days are used extensively around the globe as they are very simple and basic to use and cook rice very conveniently. Although they are very efficient and effective appliances but there cleaning process can be very much complicated. Don’t worry, in this article we will elaborate detailed process of cleaning the rice cooker and make it clean as the new one.

Cleaning process of rice cooker is generally depend upon model of the rice cooker you have, but for maximum number of them process is generally similar.

  • Removing the pot and soaking it in warm soapy water
  • Detaching and soaking the lid or wiping down the lid with a soapy rag
  • Cleaning the hot plate component by using sandpaper to remove dried on food
  • Wiping down the exterior with a mixture of 50/50 white wine vinegar and water
  • Cleaning any included utensils in warm soapy water

As shown above, process cleaning of rice cooker can be very simple and quick. But somehow, maximum number of users generally clean their cookers when they notice that efficiency of cooker is not like before. We will tell how important is to clean the cooker after every use to keep it work effectively and efficiently.

What are the Safety measures

Before we get started direct in to the main process, we have to read user manual provided along with it for learning all safety precautions to do it correctly and not damaging its internal components. As rice cooker is an electrical appliance has internal electrical parts so it will never submerged in water like any other cooker to avoid electrical damage.

Now to start off, we need to take its lid off and look for a hot plate inside. Never try to clean the hot plate when it is hot and we recommend you to first unplug your cooker to avoid electric shocks.

Routine Maintenance tips

In order to use the cooker effectively and efficiently, then we have to clean it after every use. As if somehow the food particle has been left over the coil of the cooker and next time whenever you use it, they will burn during the cooking and will effect its efficiency as well as taste of the food.

We will not recommend the use of chemical cleaners as it can damage the area inside the cooker as well as the hot plate. You can use simple plain warm water added with the mixture of distilled white vinegar and baking soda to clean. As if you use chemical cleaner it can lead to the corrosion on insides of the cooker leading to short life of use making it a bad investment.

At last one more thing, that never ever use any type of scouring pad or any abrasive cleaner to clean, so that you won’t damage the inner material of cooker.

Cleaning of the individual components

If you want to wash your rice cooker thoroughly, you have to clean each and every parts of it individually;

Talking about internal pot you can remove it very easily and allow to to soak in a warm detergent water for a while and then gently remove the sticking rice over it by taking plastic or rubber spatula.

As you had cleaned the internal pot, now you have to clean other included utensils like as rice scoop, steam basket by using a cloth scrubber and luke warm mixture of water and detergent and leave it to air dry. Talking about lids of the cooker, as some lids are removable and some are not, you simple wash it with soapy water and then wipe it of with dry cloth

Many brands claim that there lids and pots are washable in dishwasher, but we will never recommend you to do that.

What to Do When Food is Stuck on the Hot Plate and external care

If somehow you forgotten to remove the food that has been stucked over the hot plate and you used cooker next time without removing it, then in that case it will get burnt over it. Using metal spatula and knife is not the right thing instead of that we recommend to use sand paper for rubbing and then using wet clothes clean any remaining particles.

Talking about external care, which is prone to fingerprints, stains simply clean it with wet clothes for normal stains and if there severe one then go for mixture of white vinegar and water and make look your rice cooker as clean as new one. If you want to use chemical cleaner we recommend you to use it carefully to avoid it getting inside of the rice cooker.


 This is the cleaning process for the rice cooker by our side and if you have any questions and queries related to it please free to contact us and give your valuable feedback.

How to Clean Slow Cookers

All of us love slow cookers because it makes you cooking very easy and simple. But that does not mean this kitchen appliance is perfect, there are some drawbracks about it that after cooking it can be very dirty and it is not easy to clean a slow cookers. If somehow we overcooked our food and forgotten to properly add oil before adding food and spices, creates some sort of mess and makes our cleaning job very difficult.

Generally, we have to do lot of scrubbing to clean it, which causes wastage of our time as well as energy. In this article we will tell how you can save your time as well as energy and you will be able to clean your slow cooker by itself without any exhaustion.

The method in this we will not to the traditional thing of soaking the cooker inside the sink for a while and then scrubbing it instead of we will use baking soda and vinegar mixture and heat it inside your slow cooker for little bit and it will automatically clean it for you. Worry not about harmful impacts of this method as the baking soda will not harm the ceramic surface of the cooker and will not leave any kind of harmful residue to make your food healthy and nutritious.

Equipment required

  • Slow cooker
  • Water
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Dish detergent
  • Ammonia
  • Microfiber or cotton cloth
  • Small scrub brush or toothpick
  • Screwdriver

Method in detail

  1. Set and forget method

For medium kind of untidiness, we will use a little amount of baking soda and dish detergent and a lot of patience. We have to sprinkle baking soda where there is food particles been stuck before scrubbing it off. If that thing doesn’t work then we have to  ¼ cup of the baking soda inside the ceramic pot with some amount of dish detergent and fill it with water. Then set it on high for 2 – 4 hours after covering it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Add some vinegar and baking soda mixture

This method is for high extensive messes, in this we will use one of the nature’s most powerful cleaning combinations i.e. baking soda mixed with white vinegar and use these on the places, which causes the stain like heating element of the slow cookers. We have to fill the pot with half cup of distilled white vinegar and half-cup baking soda and water and ration of mixer to water will we 1:3and cooker will be turned on low heat for 3-4 hours and scrub it after that.

  • Don’t forget the inner walls.

For cleaning inner portions of the slow cooker, we will use ammonia and fill the pot with it and leave it overnight. Next day just simply wipe of the walls with cloth and it is clean as new.

How to always keep Clean your Slow Cooker as per uses duration

Method 1: The Routine Cleaning after long time

May be you are not the regular user of slow cooker, but if you are using after sometime it is best to give it a small amount of scrub done as after you don’t want to have lentils or veggies fill with dirt to eat. For cleaning cooker follow the steps below:

  • First of all, fill the cooker with water and add few drops dish detergent and now turn on for an hour in low heat. After 1 hours simply remove the mixture and just rinse it with water.

Method 2: When There Are a Few Tough Stains left in it.

As this the process when the food particles left inside it after some sort of baking or less greasy dishes. For this process it is very simply as above method but we just have to use baking soda in place of dish detergent.  Expect that all is same as method 1 and we can use kitchen brush for scrubbing sides to loosen those stubborn food particles.

Method 3: The Overhaul deep cleaning method guide

Before you start further and go into the deep cleaning make sure that, you had knowledge about internals of your slow cooker as different brand offers different design and wares. There can be variety of materials been used in making a slow cooker like aluminium, glass, stainless steel, plastic that will require different kind of cleaning process for that thing you must take a look at the user manual provided along with your cooker.

And, for deep cleaning as mentioned above we have to use mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to remove all those stubborn stains and food particles and make your cooker as clean and shiny as the new one.


That all for the cleaning process for the slow cooker by our side and if you have any questions and queries related to it please free to contact us and give your valuable feedback.

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

Dishwasher are those modern appliances are becoming common to every household day by day. As the uses of this appliance is very easy but that not goes same with it’s cleaning. Here I am not talking about simply running an empty washing cycle without dishes in it. I am talking about deep cleaning i.e. filter cleaning, oil stain removing, detergent scum cleaning and cleaning all of its corner where there is a possibility of deposition of food particles which not only make it look untidy and smell bad but also deplete its working efficiency.

As we have previously demostrated our readers cleaning guide to various others home appliances and make them work in best condition for longer duration. So we are back again for the benefit of your readers and this time we have come with the guide to clean your dishwasher using different methods and make it work for longer duration with good efficiency.

As per dishwasher cleaning professionals, you have to clean your dishwasher on regular basis to make it work effectively and efficiently. In this article, we will help you to do the same thing by yourself.

How to clean dishwasher

We have categorised the procedure of cleaning the dishwasher on daily, weekly, monthly and once in a while cleaning categories. so in order to clean your dishwater please  follow  all the instructions and the steps given below for efficient cleaning of your appliance.

  • Daily routine to remove bits of food.

Make it your daily routine to clean any of the remaining bits of food like beans, pasta and rice after each and every dishwashing cycle, For this pull out bottom rack  to check that is there is any food particle fallen into the well and remove it with napkin to prevent it from odors and bacteria build-up.

  • Weekly thing is to wipe away door grime.

Use any damp sponge or cloth and wipe away any kind of gravy spots and food residue that have been settle over the interior of the doors and door edges, handle and control buttons.

  • Weekly thing to remove and rinse the filter.

As We all know if somehow the filter of the dishwasher is not clean then it will not function properly. So order to increase its cleaning efficiency unlock and remove the filter tray located below they bottom spray arm and clean it properly with hot water and use toothbrush, detergent to clean its mesh and cotton frame to remove any kind of oil and grease got deposited over it. Once it get cleaned as new, place and lock it back to the place from where you had removed it in the first place.

  • Monthly thing we have to give it a deep clean.

As we all know cleaning appliances is as important as using it properly, in case of dishwater whether you opt for using dishwasher cleaning tablet or go to do it manually by yourself it is totally depend on you. Important is that to remove all kind of dirt and trapped particle, bacteria’s and detergent residues. For manual clean you can use white vinegar and run a cycle of dishwater without dishes and detergent and, for more thorough cleaning you can use cleaning tablets as they have ingredients that help in dissolving food particles and oil residue. But before washing please follow all the cleaning instructions given in user manual given by your manufacturer.

  • Whenever required Polish stainless steel.

Dishwasher are generally made up of steel with glass frames and these materials are very prone to have fingerprints and smudges, which make it look very untidy. We can use some of the steel cleaner and polish like GH Seal Stars Weiman and Affresh to shine and clean up your dishwasher exteriors, as these products make your dishwasher shiny but they also contains ingredients, which will repel future dirt and smudges. Please be careful to use any pointy and sharp material to protect your dishwasher from scratches and marks on exteriors of dishwater.


At last, we want to say that there are some websites, which will recommend you to run cycles of bleach in your dishwasher, we do not advise you to do that. As after that you may observe that bleach may make your dishwasher to look more white than before, but along with that it will harm stainless steel parts of it and which leads to shorter life of it making it bad investment.

It is not the main thing that which kind of detergent you use to wash your dishes, be it gel, powder or even pods, regular cleaning of your dishwasher will not only helps in increasing efficiency and working of it, but it also extent the lifespan of your dishwasher, which eventually make it a profitable investment.

Best Pressure Cookers and Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews

Pressure Cookers are one of the most basic utensil in Indian Kitchen. You need them for making Lentil Soup, Curries and nearly everything. You can likewise make astonishing idli’s and cakes with assistance of pressure cookers.

Many individuals are befuddled and they question in the event that they truly need the pressure cooker however the truth of the matter is that there are a few basic points of the pressure cooker. In particular, they can slice your cooking time to only 30% of what you would require actually. The principle motivation behind why this happens is on the grounds that the pressure cookers utilize a mix of pressure and warmth which prepares the food effectively.

For instance, on the off chance that you have to boil potatoes, doing that in pressure cooker would be a lot speedier than boiling potatoes in a vessel. A pressure cooker spares 30% of your cooking time and devours less water when contrasted with customary kinds of cooking. It likewise helps in holding the micronutrients an incentive as the introduction to air is less. 

Likewise, there are two kinds of pressure cookers-electric and stove-top where electric ones are utilized for just cooking rice and referred to as rice cookers also and pressure cookers are found in the majority of the family units. In this article we will talk about both types of pressure cookers, what qualities to look for buying it and top best pressure cookers available in market.

Best Pressure Cookers and Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews

Traditional stovetop Pressure cookers

These pressure cookers are available in market and most used ones as comparison to electric ones these are available in 3 types

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum made
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum

Factors to look for buying pressure cooker

1. Size – How Much You Cook?

This is another significant factor to consider as you parts of cooking rely on the limit of the cooker. The scope of sizes begins from the base of 0.5 litres and go up to where the greatest of the cookers hold up the limit of 9 litres.

2. Handles-Hot and Heavy?

A handle is by and large disregarded while purchasing a pressure cooker however it isn’t something to be ignored by any stretch of the imagination. The metal pressure is the main factor you have to consider however the heaviness of the cooker after food is quite it is one more significant thought. A cooker for the most part turns out to be very substantial after the dish is cooked and not to overlook. Additionally, it turns out to be amazingly hot which makes it extremely hard to catch or hold with exposed hands.

3. Inward Lid versus External Lid-Why is the Difference?

Since we would think about the cover, you have to realize that cookers are of two models and the premise of the distinction here is in the “lid”. There are the internal lid models and the external lid models which makes another significant factor of thought while purchasing a pressure cooker.

4. Dishwasher Compatible-Will You Use a Dishwasher?

The following variable is for individuals who use dishwasher machines to clean kitchen apparatuses and utensils of numerous sorts. All the cooking things can’t be placed into a dishwasher machine as some of them carefully preclude it. So is the situation for a pressure cooker. Presently, how would you know which of the models are dishwasher safe? You have to approach or you have to search for “dishwasher safe” referenced in the item subtleties before really putting it in the machine.

5. Sturdiness Have you pondered it?

Pressure cookers are much the same as major long haul ventures that you need to use for some time. They are not something you will purchase year after another and subsequently you should be certain you take advantage of the venture. Along these lines, toughness is the thing that you should search for in a pressure cooker. Pose inquiries and do some examination on the models and kind of pressure cookers you have been thinking about purchasing and check the one which has a guarantee on it.

6. Security factor-Are you Aware of it?

Cooking is significantly increasingly associated with the wellbeing and you have to ensure you get the greater part of the supplements that happen to have in the fixings utilized for cooking. Eating well is what everybody favours right? What’s more, what is the utilization of such a method of cooking, which lacks capacity of holding the imperative supplements? Additionally, the manner in which we Indians cook has an incorporation of a ton of acidic things thus, the cooker should be non-responsive.

7. Induction stove compatibilty Do You Plan to Use one?

Induction stoves have become a mode of cooking and individuals have been receiving it in an incredible extent. LPG gas stoves are being out maneuvered by the induction stoves. In any case, you can’t utilize any of the standard or typical utensils to cook in the induction stove. There must be utensils that are perfect with enlistment cooking to have the option to utilize them.

8. Brand and guarantee For Your mind peace.

A brand which has the quality confirmation from a wide scope of people its production will be an assurance in itself in regards to the quality. You may pick the item from the brand you trust upon. On the off chance that you don’t have such inclinations consider performing speedy research and draft out a rundown of the brand and producers than can be hand-off on.

Top best Pressure cooker

Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Hawkins has been serving premium quality cookers to the Indians since 1959. The Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker which comes in capacity of (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10) Litres.

This cooker has been tried and ensured by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc, the US for its solidness and security.

The Hawkins Pressure-Locked Safety has a one of a kind best features to secure in the top. Dissimilar to typical pressure cookers which burst open when there is an excessive amount of pressure inside, the Hawkins stays bolted. This ensures more noteworthy wellbeing while at the same time utilizing it.

This steel pressure cooker chips away at a customary gas stove, yet is intended to deal with acceptance, electric induction and even halogen cooktops. With an additional thick base of 5.8 mm, the cooker is made out of 100% Food-Grade hardened steel.


  • Inwards locking feature for better safety
  • Long life Rubber Gaskets
  • Automatic safety Valves
  • Very nice looking design
  • Flat base so no hot spots for uneven cooking
  • Recipe Book package inclusive
  • 5 Years brand’s warranty.


  • The open area under gasket is less sharpen to prevent accidental cuts

Prestige Deluxe stainless Pressure Cooker

Prestige has been synonymous to cookers for Indians since its introduction in 1955 and there is no thinking back from that point forward. Accessible in 5.5 litre and 3 litre variations, the body of this cooker is made out of premium quality treated steel.

The distinction exclusive has a 3 level security framework which comprises of a

Pressurized Valve: – Which doesn’t go off for minor pressures of the cooker), Controlled Gasket Release: – For moderate discharge with the goal that the cooker doesn’t blast open.

Metallic Safety Plug: – This ensures the steam pressure that blends inside the cooker remains in the cooker and doesn’t leave it.

As the alpha base is produced using aluminum steel, it expands the conductivity of warmth, and is superior to anything unadulterated tempered steel that has a lesser warmth conduction property.

Protected handles on the sides makes it agreeable to hold. It is additionally given the simple locking system to open the cover effectively.

As the limit of this cooker is 5.5 litres, you can without much of a stretch cook and serve food for 5-8 individuals. The lower 3 litre variant is perfect for groups of around 3-4 size.

Cleaning it is additionally simple as it is likewise dishwasher safe and it doesn’t build up any stains. So you don’t have to place in any additional exertion for looking after it.

The amazing part isn’t only that this cooker has an incredible presentation however it offers you a 10 years brand’s guarantee.


  • High Durability and Toughness
  • 3 Level safety system
  • Pure stainless steel with aluminium steel base
  • Easy Locking Mechanism
  • Suitable on both Induction and LPG Gas Stove
  • Corrosion ressistive
  • ISI mark for quality and safety
  • Warranty of 10 years


  • Heavier in comparison to others to hold

Elgi Ultra Stainless Steel cooker

Elgi Ultra is a treated steel cooker that may resemble your some other common cooker however it separates itself from others with its acceptance base.

This base guides in warming up the cooker quicker by retaining more warmth from the stove and along these lines helps in lessening the fuel utilization.

Also, the AISI 304 Stainless Steel material has heat safe bakelite handles. They, inturn, have twin screws this offers a more drawn out life.

Additionally, the base of the cooker, as referenced is acceptance in nature and is had out of high effect reinforced base. This ensures the cooker doesn’t charr/consuming and doesn’t adhere food to the base and furthermore makes your activity of cleaning it that simple.

Aside from the counter charing uniform cooking property, the fortified base additionally helps in very quick in activity. The compartment ensures that the food cooked inside remains warm for quite a while as much as 2 hours.


  • Comes in 5.5 and 3 litre variants
  • Made out of high quality AISI 304 Stainless Steel material
  • Heat resistant bakelite handles with twin screws for longer life
  • Anti-charing bonded base
  • Keeps food warm for over 2 hours
  • Starch strainer to strain starch
  • manufacturer’s warranty for 10 years


  • Cleaning should be done with precaution as it will lead some scratches.

Butterfly stainless steel Pressure Cooker

Like Prestige, Butterfly is likewise a built up brand with regards to kitchen utensils and the Butterfly Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is its leader item.

Experiencing numerous cycles and enhancements through time, Butterfly pressure cookers are celebrated for their rich structure and execution.

With a limit of 5 litres, you will have the option to prepare food for around 4-7 individuals hence making it perfect for huge families also. Butterfly additionally has a 3 litre variation for a similar model of cooker.

Perfect to work both on enlistment cooktops and normal stoves as well, the work of the cooker is unmatched. The base resembles an exceptionally thick case which withstands high warmth which abstains from consuming of food.

This pressure cooker is quick in activity on account of its thick and strong base. This base is non-stick from within and therefore doesn’t empower any consuming all things considered.

It is additionally outfitted with an exceptional uni-lock component. Lock once dread not of the cooker opening unintentionally or because of the inordinate pressure.


  • Gasket release system which serves as an additional safety feature
  • High durability to last longer
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Aesthetic Design for good heat conduction
  •  warranty period offered for 5 years
  • ISO certified to assure quality and safety


  • The issue related to whistle buzzing which may fail to indicate the pressure safety level.

Pristine Induction stainless steel cooker

At last, we have the Pristine cookware enlistment tempered steel cooker. This is one of the most moderate and convenient pressure cooker in the whole rundown.

In spite of the fact that not known to many, Pristine’s items repay their prominence with their presentation. This pressure cooker accompanies an apple cut plan which circulates the warmth from the sides. Along these lines it helps in keeping your food hot for long time subsequent to cooking.

Made out of exceptionally tough treated steel, it is additionally furnished with a sandwich based Induction base. The entirety of the materials utilized in it help in the better conduction of warmth and will help in preparing the food quicker. This is appropriate both to use on an Induction cooktop and even on typical Gas stoves also.

There is no side handle, so you’ll be dealing with the cooker just by its conclusion handles. Be cautious while holding and taking care of it consistently As its ability is just 2 litres, you can prepare food for 2-3 individuals on a normal.

As the cooker is little and can be cleaned effectively. Despite the fact that there is no ISI mark on the item, Pristine gives you a not too bad 2 years producer’s guarantee which makes this little cooker a purchase for people searching for a prompt arrangement.


  • Compact and small in size
  • Design for uniform heat distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Neat locking
  • Offers  years warranty period for quality assurance


  • ISI certification not listed
  • Does not have side handles

 Electric Pressure cookers

An incredible electric pressure cooker ought to be flexible, easy to utilize, solid, safe, and simple to clean. The following are a portion of the components that you have to consider while buying the electric pressure cooker. These will help you in guaranteeing that you pick the correct model which offers ideal utility.

  • Size – The principal interesting point is the size of the pressure cooker. The limit is accessible in litres and you can pick it according to your needs. For the most part, a 4 to 5 L limit is sufficient for a couple and for a group of 4, you would require around 8 to 9 L
  • Material – Next interesting point is the material that the pressure cooker is made of. The typical decision incorporates pure stainless steel is strong and it can withstand high temperature also.
  • Pressure Indicator and Quick Release – Ensure that the pressure cooker you are acquiring has an exact pressure pointer. Likewise, the pressure cooker should likewise have fast releasing knobs that can help you in a discharge the pressure easily.
  • Pressure Levels – Check for the pressure levels that the pressure cooker is appraised for. The most extreme pressure level is the thing that the pressure cooker will reach to and it is a significant thing to check before you put resources into the pressure cooker.
  • Programmable Options – You can check for the distinctive programmable choices accessible. They can make cooking simple for you and it will likewise lessen the checking endeavours that are required by you.
  • Security Features – It is one of the most significant parts of obtaining the pressure cooker and consequently check for the wellbeing highlights accessible. A portion of the typical ones incorporate a cover close location framework, gas locator, temperature screen, wellbeing pressure discharge and other such includes/
  • Non-Stick – It is in every case better to abstain from buying the non-stick pressure cookers. They are not entirely strong as the Teflon covering which makes the pressure cooker non-stick can’t withstand such high measure of warmth. Better to go for the non-non-stick pressure cookers.
  • Warranty& Price – Check at the guarantee and the cost of the pressure cooker too. Guarantee is very significant as it will secure your buy and simultaneously, guarantee that the value falls inside spending plan also.

Top best Electric Pressure cookers

  1. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

Our list of electric cookers starts from Mealthy and this is a 9 functions possessing apparatus. You can utilize this as a pressure cooker, to sauté the food and dishes, to steam, to make cakes, to purify, to cook rice, for moderate cooking, to make yogurt and to keep the food hunger. This model can likewise help you in making two dishes without a moment’s delay as it additionally accompanies hardened steel lolled alongside a pressure cooker pot. In the bundle, you get an additional silicone gasket alongside different adornments like a food measuring cup, silicon gloves and all other required things. The litre limit of this cooker is 6 Litres and it is sufficient for a group of 2 to 3 individuals. The material utilized here is chromium steel and it is surely a sheltered and sturdy choice for you. This is unquestionably a model where it merits putting cash in.

  • 9 Programmable alternatives accessible
  • a 6 months guarantee offered by the brand.
  • Accompanies capacity limit of 6 Litres.
  • Preethi Touch EPC005 6-Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

The second in our list is from Preethi and this pressure cooker have 5 in 1 features. It offers a serious flexibility to you as you can utilize this as a rice cooker, sauté container, steamer and even as a bolier. Best of all, you can pick between a manual and a programmed mode here. There is an alternative of the menu on the principle board where you can choose what you are cooking and afterward you can leave the lay on the pressure cooker. Altogether, there are 15 pre-modified dishes in this pressure cooker. Likewise, as far as security, the pressure cooker remains at the top level since there are an aggregate of 9 security levels which can be utilized to control the temperature, pressure and power. Another extraordinary element with respect to this pressure cooker is that you can set up a defer clock which differs between 30 minutes to 8 hours. In the pack, you additionally get food measuring cup, spoon scoop spatula and a level spatula.

  • Has an all-out limit of 6 Litres and gives you a chance to cook in open just as shut modes
  • Accompanies 1 year guarantee from the maker
  • Power utilization is 1000 watts
  • Usha (3650) 5L Electric Pressure Cooker

Usha is a prestigious brand with regards to kitchen gear. This pressure cooker at number 3 is from Usha and the material this is comprised of is treated steel. Once more, this pressure cooker additionally offers different application to you so you can utilize this for sautéing, steaming, boiling and all other such features. Aside from this, you get upwards of 100 security features in this pressure cooker. Indeed, there are no pre-customized choices however the pressure cooker has a programmed pressure upkeep framework which directs the pressure while you are cooking. Likewise, this is one such item which accompanies a greatest measure of guarantee. According to the data accessible, you get 2 years of guarantee on the item which is surely top tier. In the bundle, you get a metal spoon, food measuring cup and a soup spoon too. The producer additionally gives a recipe booklet which can help you in utilizing Electric Pressure Cooker.

  • Has a complete limit of 5 Litres and power utilization is 900 watts
  • Accompanies 2 years guarantee and is additionally furnished with 10 security highlights
  • Has upwards of 10 distinctive cooking capacities which can be of extraordinary assistance in the kitchen
  • Panasonic SR-WA10 450-Watt Automatic Cooker

On the off chance that you are searching for a simple and easy to use pressure cooker which gives simply enough utility to cook the rice or idli’s then this could be the ideal model for you. It is reasonable and simultaneously, it gives very essential usefulness to you. This is additionally an ideal choice for bachelor males as the complete liter limit of the cooker is 2.7 Litres. You can utilize this to try and boil potatoes and steam vegetables. The brand is likewise truly solid and many individuals favour this over different models since it is significantly less expensive. Likewise, the brand offers a complete guarantee of 2 years on this item. Another great part about this programmed cooker is that the micro nutrients in the food are not cleaned out. It helps the food in holding those supplements just as aides in getting splendidly cooked wood.

  • Has an absolute limit of 2.7 Litres and is fit for cooking half Kg of crude rice.
    • Has a power utilization of 500 watts and it additionally accompanies a scoop holder.
    • This model accompanies a keep warm element also.
  • Elica Electric Pressure Cooker

This is the last model in our article and it accompanies a few computerized capacities. In the first place, it offers 7 distinctive programmable modes which incorporate pressure cooking, rice cooking, steaming, sauté, yogurt making, slow cooking and warming. As far as limit, the all-out limit here is 6 Litres and it is stacked with a few different highlights. For instance, you get an innovation that incorporates microchips to control the moisture, time and pressure while cooking. All these are very significant elements when you are cooking. Elica additionally offers delay cooking here which can help you in setting a defer time for anything between 30 minutes to 24 hours. To the extent security is concerned, it is one of the most secure model accessible in the market as it has upwards of 7 security features coordinated into only 1 single module. In general, this pressure cooker can turn into an indispensable piece of your kitchen once you start utilizing it.

  • Has a limit of 6 litres and is adequate for a group of 2 to 3 individuals
  • This model is exceptionally power proficient and can spare upto 40% of power.
  • Accompanies 7 security highlights like an enemy of stop up top, indoor regulator, warm circuit, pressure releasing knob, pressure limit valve and a few others such highlights.

Which one to choose? Stovetop or Electric

There are a few major factors which are contrasted between a stove top and an electric pressure cooker.

Through long periods of utilization and cooperating with perusers of the site and in-person exhibitions, I’ve limited how to coordinate a pressure cooker type to a cook. Which of these most intently coordinate your cooking ability and way of life?

Electric pressure cookers are best for.

  • the individuals who are anxious about tinkering with heat settings – the electric cooker will do it consequently, simply set it and overlook it;
  • the individuals who are suffocating in electric apparatuses like moderate cooker, rice cooker and yogurt producer – an electric pressure cooker will supplant every one of them;
  • working guardians who need to plan supper to be prepared when they stroll in the entryway will value the cooking postpone clock accessible in certain models which starts preparing supper before anybody is home;
  • undergrads or people with restricted kitchens – the electric pressure cooker is a finished cooking instrument it tans/saute, pressure cooks and keep the food warm – some significantly more;
  • Seniors and additionally differently abled people no compelling reason to recollect whether the burner is on or off, the cooker will turn itself off subsequent to cooking and can be set at any limit for simple access;
  • Professional cooks who have just moved the entirety of their cooking to pressure and regularly have more than one stovetop cooker running – an electric is an incredible expansion to the gathering.

Stove top Pressure Cookers are best for.

  • the individuals who need speed and power since they arrive at higher warmth and pressure than electrics;
  • the individuals who worth solidness over comfort – electrics can last for a year or so however stove top cookers could last for decades
  • cooks who need to attempt propelled pressure cooking systems – many require the higher pressure and lesser vanishing of present day stove top cookers;
  • Cooks who like to tinker and oversee the cooking since the pressure discharges quicker than electrics.

Neck to Neck Comparison

Aspect Stove Top Electric Winner                                            
 Power source Stove tops use LPG gas as a power source to generate pressure, which requires lesser power consumption and better cooking. As in the case of electric pressure cookers more pressure can be created using more power which leads to more power cost. Stove Top                                                                                   
Customization offerings Does not possess any kind of customization has only one pressure whistle knob to control pressure building inside. It is full of customization has various functional things like incubation, barometer, thermometer, and timer.     Electric
Health problems Does not pose health risks. Stove tops can blow up if too much pressure accumulates, but this is rare and hardly major enough. As overheating may lead to burning up of components and cooker inner elements may be heat or burned up due to higher voltage and there is risk of water damage Stove Top
Efficiency factors As this only depends upon stove power so it does not as fast cooking compared to electric one The customization allows the fast cooking but applying to much pressure can be very dangerous Electric
Durability and build quality As they have pretty strong build quality but will very longer as there is no other component for damaging it. As this is electric powered so there can be    various other factors heat damage, water damage, electric damage and various others Stove Top
Portability Very less portable as we have to carry a stove top to use  it As it requires only electric power source so it can be moved to different places Electric
Price Range Costs lesser; between $30 and $70. Higher Costs; between $70 and $150, plus require additional components and replacements. Stove Top


Pressure cookers are a superior option in contrast to cooking quicker than standard pots and dish, which is the reason we love them to such an extent. After cautious examination of various highlights of both stovetop and electric pressure cookers, we have at long last chosen a champ: the Stove Top Pressure Cooker.

Try not to misunderstand us here, we love the electric one also. Be that as it may, the stovetop appeared to top the electric in various manners. Right off the bat, it utilizes lesser control. If you have more habbies also you can check new passion for learning sewing and get a sewing machine.

Truly, it requires gas, yet that isn’t as costly as power. Also, the stove top doesn’t present any perils or harm to property, aside from certain items which might be powerless to blowing. Thirdly, the stove top is increasingly tough, as there isn’t a lot of which can erode. Fourthly, who doesn’t adore a modest product. That’s is it I hope this article help you to understand what are the functions and requirements of the both kind of pressure cookers and there best options available in market.