How to Clean Rice Cookers

How to Clean Rice Cookers

Rice cooker now days are used extensively around the globe as they are very simple and basic to use and cook rice very conveniently. Although they are very efficient and effective appliances but there cleaning process can be very much complicated. Don’t worry, in this article we will elaborate detailed process of cleaning the rice cooker and make it clean as the new one.

Cleaning process of rice cooker is generally depend upon model of the rice cooker you have, but for maximum number of them process is generally similar.

  • Removing the pot and soaking it in warm soapy water
  • Detaching and soaking the lid or wiping down the lid with a soapy rag
  • Cleaning the hot plate component by using sandpaper to remove dried on food
  • Wiping down the exterior with a mixture of 50/50 white wine vinegar and water
  • Cleaning any included utensils in warm soapy water

As shown above, process cleaning of rice cooker can be very simple and quick. But somehow, maximum number of users generally clean their cookers when they notice that efficiency of cooker is not like before. We will tell how important is to clean the cooker after every use to keep it work effectively and efficiently.

What are the Safety measures

Before we get started direct in to the main process, we have to read user manual provided along with it for learning all safety precautions to do it correctly and not damaging its internal components. As rice cooker is an electrical appliance has internal electrical parts so it will never submerged in water like any other cooker to avoid electrical damage.

Now to start off, we need to take its lid off and look for a hot plate inside. Never try to clean the hot plate when it is hot and we recommend you to first unplug your cooker to avoid electric shocks.

Routine Maintenance tips

In order to use the cooker effectively and efficiently, then we have to clean it after every use. As if somehow the food particle has been left over the coil of the cooker and next time whenever you use it, they will burn during the cooking and will effect its efficiency as well as taste of the food.

We will not recommend the use of chemical cleaners as it can damage the area inside the cooker as well as the hot plate. You can use simple plain warm water added with the mixture of distilled white vinegar and baking soda to clean. As if you use chemical cleaner it can lead to the corrosion on insides of the cooker leading to short life of use making it a bad investment.

At last one more thing, that never ever use any type of scouring pad or any abrasive cleaner to clean, so that you won’t damage the inner material of cooker.

Cleaning of the individual components

If you want to wash your rice cooker thoroughly, you have to clean each and every parts of it individually;

Talking about internal pot you can remove it very easily and allow to to soak in a warm detergent water for a while and then gently remove the sticking rice over it by taking plastic or rubber spatula.

As you had cleaned the internal pot, now you have to clean other included utensils like as rice scoop, steam basket by using a cloth scrubber and luke warm mixture of water and detergent and leave it to air dry. Talking about lids of the cooker, as some lids are removable and some are not, you simple wash it with soapy water and then wipe it of with dry cloth

Many brands claim that there lids and pots are washable in dishwasher, but we will never recommend you to do that.

What to Do When Food is Stuck on the Hot Plate and external care

If somehow you forgotten to remove the food that has been stucked over the hot plate and you used cooker next time without removing it, then in that case it will get burnt over it. Using metal spatula and knife is not the right thing instead of that we recommend to use sand paper for rubbing and then using wet clothes clean any remaining particles.

Talking about external care, which is prone to fingerprints, stains simply clean it with wet clothes for normal stains and if there severe one then go for mixture of white vinegar and water and make look your rice cooker as clean as new one. If you want to use chemical cleaner we recommend you to use it carefully to avoid it getting inside of the rice cooker.


 This is the cleaning process for the rice cooker by our side and if you have any questions and queries related to it please free to contact us and give your valuable feedback.

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